Monday, January 21, 2008

Hand me my prescription pad, quick!

I was watching TV last night and I saw several different commercials for prescription drugs. There was one for arthritis, another for depression and let us not forget the “eternal” erectile dysfunction! I have a few questions:

1. Doesn’t having all these kinds of commercials, with all these symptoms confuse you? It does me. I mean, when I listen to the do you have sleepless nights and you are sad, does this really mean I have bi-polar disorder?

2. Does watching TV actually qualify me to go to the Doctor and tell him what is wrong with me? Since I have seen every episode of ER, and watched every commercial for different drugs does that me qualified to diagnose and prescribe? WOW! That reminds me of the political race…wait, I will tackle that on a different day.

3. And why does the commercial always say to let your doctor know of any prescription drugs you might be taking? Doesn’t your doctor know what he has prescribed?

4. Lastly, what man on the planet is going to the doctor because he has the inclination and ability to make love for 4 hours? Are you nuts? He is going to point and say, “Look at the stud muffin!”

Here are my questions, do you have the answers?

I wonder why people go to a doctor they believe is good (if you are going to a doctor you do not believe is good then you probably need those depression drugs, or is going to a doctor you do not believe is good suicidal?), then try to tell him what to prescribe for you. Then if he doesn’t prescribe it to you do you then go to a different doctor who will? I believe we need to be informed but I also believe too much information is a tad dangerous. Seems to me that maybe our medicines would not be so expensive if they were not being hawked to us all day and all night on TV. After all, I do not have a prescription pad sitting on my coffee table, therefore you would need to convince my doctor this is a good product. My motto is:

“If I can buy it then you should try to sell me, if it would be against the law for me to buy it, then why would you try and sell it to me in public, on TV?”

Till next time, have a great day and let me know what you think.

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